Did you misplace the manual for your heated blanket? Or maybe your dog chewed up the manual for your mattress pad? Don’t worry! We have them all here for you to view any time. Manuals include setup instructions, care and washing directions, and any warranty information, if applicable.

Look below, find which item you have, and click! Simple as that! But of course, if you still have questions about our products please feel free to contact our customer service team!

Low Volt Digital Controller Addendum

Perfect Fit Blanket & Mattress Pad Manual

Perfect Fit Footwarmer Manual

Perfect Fit Low Volt Manual

Perfect Fit Neck & Back Warmer Manual

Perfect Fit Throw Manual BBB 5 Year

Perfect Fit Throw Manual

Perfect Fit Throw with 5 Setting Controller Manual

Perfect Fit Warming Furniture Protector Manual

Serta Low Volt Manual

Serta Bluetooth Manual

Soft & Cozy Pet Bed Manual

Battery Operated Throw Manual