Perfect Fit Bedskirt and Box Spring Protector
Perfect Fit
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Let's be honest... what's the worst part about a bedskirt? Trying to place it successfully under your mattress. Lifting a heavy, bulky mattress while trying to get all four corners of the bedskirteven - who can manage all that? Thankfully, Tailored Solutions created a solution so simple it's brilliant: a bedskirtthat slips easilyoverthe mattress,held in place with an elastic band.Unlike a standard bedskirtthat fits between the mattress and secures around any box spring, this bedskirtslips over the mattress covering the box spring making it a bedskirtand box spring protector. It slips on and off so easily; you can install it perfectly by yourself. There's form and function at work here: the 18" long microfiber fabric drop is exactly the right length to skim the floor, making for not only an attractive bed skirt but also an elegant disguise - hiding all the things that best remain unseen: the box spring, bed frame, and your under - the - bed storage. This truly is a bedskirtthat's helpful: not only is installation easy, it helps you protect your box spring and hide all your excess stuff.

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