Plush Waterproof Memory Foam Pad
Perfect Fit
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Memory Foam - its reputation proceeds it. The term in synonymous with customized comfort that makes you just want to happily stay in bed. If you have trouble sleeping or would just like to improve your sleep, our Perfect Fit Waterproof Plush Memory Foam Mattress Pad will transform your mattress and make going to bed something you look forward to. Made with luxurious plush face fabric with half an inch of memory foam and a 3 - inch channel quilt stitch, this soft yet supportive mattress pad conforms to your body's contours that offers pinpoint support in the just right spots. Added waterproof backing will protect the top of your mattress from moisture, dust, and allergens. For easy care, these mattress pads are machine washable and fit beds up to 18" deep.

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