Wellrest Even Support 2 Pk Pillow
Wellrest Even Support 2 Pk Pillow
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You shouldn't have to punch and beat your pillow into submission and proper form every few hours to get a good night's sleep. With the brand new Wellrest® Even Support Pillow, you'll get consistent support for your head and neck throughout the pillow and your body. That means no more waking up from discomfort and no more nightly pillow punching. With the proper alignment and reliable support, you'll sleep longer and deeper and wake up refreshed, not frustrated. Made from high thread count brushed polyester and reinforced with gusseted construction and corded edges, this is a quality pillow that will give you quality, consistent sleep.

  • 215 Thread Count 100% Brushed Polyester
  • Gusseted construction with corded edges
  • Jumbo with 18 oz fill
  • King with 28 oz fill

Care: Machine Wash
Closure: None
Material: 100% brushed polyester
Construction: 215tc 100% brushed polyester, gusseted construction with corded edges
Face Fabric: 100% Brushed Polyester
Fill: Polyester Fiber Fill
Thread Count: 215tc
Pillow Material: 100% brushed polyester
Pillow Thread Count: 215tc

Jumbo : 20" x 28"

Made in China/USA

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